ukbREST SQLite Setup

2022-08-28 Sabrina Mi
𝕋his post explains how to […] The version of ukbREST that runs on SQLite is HERE. If you come across an existing ukbrest repo in CRI, it might be the original version. […] git clone The standard ukbREST setup involves loading UKB CSVs into a … Read more →

Installing Conda on CRI

2021-06-04 Natasha Santhnam
ℂRI has versions of miniconda already downloaded through the module commands. However, those sometimes do not work so it is best to just install conda for yourself on CRI. The whole process is quite simple and should only take a few minutes. First download the conda installer from their website You … Read more →

Installing tensorqtl module

2020-11-11 Festus Nyasimi
𝕀nstalling tensorqtl requires pytorch which is based on gpus but there is also a cpu based version. CRI has set up pytorch for cpus as in a conda environment and that is what I am going to use to set up tensorqtl. I will install the tensorqtl in im-lab share space for lab use. […] Create a … Read more →